Small Business Office Technology

Small Business Office TechnologyproVanceTek offers high quality, cost-effective small business office solutions for businesses just like yours. If you just need your data migrated from one computer to another, a virus removed from your desktop, or need a complete small business office structured media installation, we have the solutions for you.

We offer a wide variety of telecommunications and technology services to our clients. We have experience from professional audio and visual installations to telephony and data networking. Our professional installations are efficient, reliable, good-looking, and inexpensive.

Our motto for structured cabling is to be well wired. We’ve made service calls to countless homeowners residences and small business owners place of work and we find that the original structured media vendor cut corners. Too often this includes to major deficiencies: 1) the client does not have enough wiring to support the technology in a given room, and 2) the client is unable to easily add wiring to the deficient room.


Auditorium Audiovisual Installation

Auditorium Audiovisual InstallationWe offer a wide variety of telecommunications and technology services to our clients. We have experience from professional audiovisual installations to telephony and data networking. Our professional installations are efficient, reliable, good-looking, and inexpensive. We provide expert, cutting-edge structured media design and installation services. Our specialties include cable television, broadband internet, wireless internet, and telephone. We also provide professional overhead paging, in-store marketing, professional sound system, camera surveillance system, audio and video distribution system, and sound masking services. We work with clients to determine what’s just right for their needs. We design and install the infrastructure that fit the customer’s technology requirements and budget.

Recently, we worked with a local high school to outfit their auditorium with the latest in structured media technology. The system included video switcher with preview monitor, auto audio mixer with reference monitor, a DVD player, audio and video inputs for laptops, data connecting to the building computer network, microphone and auxiliary audio inputs, and remote control integration for the projector, projection screen, and architectural lighting.

We offer structured media solutions for both home and business applications and use only the highest quality hardware for our projects, including: Crest, Crown, JBL, EV, Shure, Rane, ETC, Leviton, Extron, Crestron, Epson, and more.

Performing Arts Center A/V Upgrades

proVanceTek Performing Arts Center A/V Upgrades in Columbus, OhioWe recently made some upgrades to an existing to an auditorium’s existing A/V system. The upgrades included modifying the facility’s lectern to accommodate for a three foot tall A/V rack. The rack contains a switchable power strip, video switcher, an eight channel auto mixer, DVD player, audio and video inputs for a laptop computer, microphone inputs, a video preview monitor, drawer to store miscellaneous cables and microphones, and remote controls for auditorium projector, motorized projection screen, architectural lighting.

Our services included the design of the system upgrades; the construction of a custom solid oak rack better blend in with the wood of the podium; and the assembly and installation of the hardware; the integration of the rack with the existing audio / visual systems and equipment.

Bose Home Theatre Installation

proVanceTek Bose Home Theatre Installation in Columbus, OhioWe just completed a Bose home theatre installation. The home theatre system features seven Bose 100 speakers and one Bose Acoustimass 3 Series III subwoofer. Yes, that means the system is capable of producing Dolby Surround 7.1 audio. After some equalization for the room of installation, the system sounds amazing.

We love Bose. Their equipment is attractive, reliable, and sounds great. Bose speakers are really unmatched when it comes to the quality of the audio they produce. Well, that should be enough of a Bose pitch for the day. Contact us today for a home theatre estimate.

Leviton Luma-Net Project

Leviton Luma-Net Project in Columbus, OhioWe’re working on a project that involves a Leviton Colortran theatrical lighting system with integrated Leviton Luma-Net architectural controllers in a local venue.

The end goal is to for users to be able to turn on circuits using the Luma-Net stations, but for the circuits to turn off automagically when the room is no longer occupied.

To accomplish this, we are planning to use an occupancy sensor, Luma-Net relay, and integrate them with the existing Leviton Network Protocol Converter.

Telex Headset System

Telex Headset System Repair in Columbus, OhioYes, proVanceTek does provides troubleshooting for existing theatrical audio and lighting systems. We service a number of manufacturer’s systems, including Leviton Colortran, ETC, JBL, EV, Shure, etc.

We just visited a venue that has an in-house Telex intercom system that was having issues. After some troubleshooting, we identified the issue that was causing the problems and was able to resolve the symptoms they were experiencing.

Additionally, while we were on-site, we performed some routine maintenance on their various intercom components; headsets, intercom boxes, cables, etc.