FCC's Tom Wheeler Hitting the Road

U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler has announced that he will leave the agency he helmed for the past three years on Jan. 20, the day President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn in. “Serving as FCC chairman during this period of historic technological change has been the greatest honor of my professional life,” Wheeler said. “It has been a privilege to work with my fellow commissioners to help protect consumers, strengthen public safety and cybersecurity, and ensure fast, fair and open networks for all Americans.”

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FCC Proposes Subsidy to Close Broadband Gap

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on Tuesday announced a $2.25 billion plan to expand the federal Lifeline subsidy program to help low-income consumers afford broadband Internet service. Lifeline, which currently allows low-income consumers to buy mobile phone service at a discount, would let them buy standalone broadband starting Dec. 1 for $9.25 per month or apply the discount to bundled services. The minimum standard would be 500 MB at 3G speed, increasing to 2 GB by the end of 2018.

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FCC Chief Proposes End of Set-Top Box Rule

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on Wednesday announced that he’d shared with colleagues a long sought-after proposal to loosen the set-top box’s grip on home entertainment. The proposal seeks to spur competition and consumer choice in an arena dominated by large cable and satellite television providers. Wheeler’s proposal would provide a mechanism for creating new ways to access video content, whether through a competing device, or through an app or other software that would function as a device, thereby unlocking wider access to programming for consumers.

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FCC chairman to propose broadband subsidy for low-income Americans

Federal Communications Commission chairman Tom Wheeler will on Thursday propose subsidizing broadband Internet for poorer Americans, much in the way it currently subsidizes phone bills, officials with the agency said.

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FCC to propose regulating the internet as a utility – report

U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler is expected to issue a proposal this week that would see the agency classify internet access as a telecommunications utility, a move that may also include reclassification for data services from wireless carriers.

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FCC chairman slams Verizon's 'all the kids do it' defense to data throttling

During a news conference on Friday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler responded to Verizon’s claims that its planned data throttling program is a “widely accepted” practice, saying that an “all the kids do it” argument is not justifiable.

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