Just in time for SXSW, Apple Maps transit directions launch in Austin

Article Image Days before the South by Southwest festival is set to kick off, Apple Maps has added public transit information to the host town of Austin, Tex., benefitting the tens of thousands who will descend upon the city.

The original article can be found here: http://appleinsider.com.feedsportal.com/c/33975/f/616168/s/4e1e7b34/sc/28/l/0Lappleinsider0N0Carticles0C160C0A30C0A80Cjust0Ein0Etime0Efor0Esxsw0Eapple0Emaps0Etransit0Edirections0Elaunch0Ein0Eaustin/story01.htm

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Southwest Heaves Sigh of Relief as Customer Service Returns to Normal

Southwest Airlines on Monday announced it was operating on a normal schedule after technical problems delayed hundreds of flights on Sunday. A computer glitch related to the technical systems that powered its customer service operations — specifically its reservation system — apparently was to blame. Southwest teams worked throughout the night to solve the problem, the airline said. Approximately 836 of 3,355 flights scheduled on Sunday — or about 25 percent — were affected. Long lines and delays were reported at airports in L.A. and D.C.

The original article can be found here: http://www.ecommercetimes.com/story/82601.html?rss=1

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SXSW Runs on Wireless Carriers' Well-Oiled Machines

At this year’s South by Southwest Conferences and Festivals in Austin, Texas, more than 150,000 new people have entered the major wireless carriers’ network space. Nearly every one of them has a phone for making voice calls or using the Web. How do wireless carriers handle such a demand surge? That’s one of the big challenges facing AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile. Sometimes they can plan and prepare in advance — like for SXSW. Other times, things happen suddenly — a hurricane might strike, for example.

The original article can be found here: http://www.ecommercetimes.com/story/81845.html?rss=1

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Weapons of World War III: How new technology will affect the next great conflict

US Air Force: Global Hawk surveillance drone
AUSTIN–During a panel this week at South by Southwest Interactive 2015, authors Peter Singer and August Cole discussed their collaboration on Ghost Fleet, a novel about the next great superpower conflict. Part of the reason they wrote the book is to be able to paint a picture, in fiction, of how big future wars might be fought…

The original article can be found here: http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/201542-weapons-of-world-war-iii-how-new-technology-will-affect-the-next-great-conflict

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