Small Business Office Technology

Small Business Office TechnologyproVanceTek offers high quality, cost-effective small business office solutions for businesses just like yours. If you just need your data migrated from one computer to another, a virus removed from your desktop, or need a complete small business office structured media installation, we have the solutions for you.

We offer a wide variety of telecommunications and technology services to our clients. We have experience from professional audio and visual installations to telephony and data networking. Our professional installations are efficient, reliable, good-looking, and inexpensive.

Our motto for structured cabling is to be well wired. We’ve made service calls to countless homeowners residences and small business owners place of work and we find that the original structured media vendor cut corners. Too often this includes to major deficiencies: 1) the client does not have enough wiring to support the technology in a given room, and 2) the client is unable to easily add wiring to the deficient room.


Working With Client To Address Security Concerns

Working With Client To Address Security Concerns

Client’s security camera monitor before we worked with them to address concerns and develop a strategy for improving their system.

We visited a client recently who had some concerns about their existing security system – Are our cameras focused well, should we add more cameras, does our DVR need upgraded. We were happy to help them out and provide our expert knowledge on the subject.

proVanceTek works with their clients to evaluate their concerns, discuss their options, and develop a plan for resolving any disparities. Often times, people install their own security system or hire a company who doesn’t seem to have much knowledge in security systems. Let’s face it, ATT is a great alarm phone and internet provider, Time Warner is a great cable and internet provider, but neither really know anything about CCTV systems. You need to feel assured that you’re relaxed and safe in your home home and business. Let ATT and Time Warner help you relax, let us help make sure you’re safe.

Security camera systems don’t just help keep your home and business safe by discouraging criminals from taking advantage of your vulnerabilities, they are also there to catch brazen criminals in the act, but also are there for liability purposes. Forget about the criminals, what about a customer who trips over their own feet and then tries to sue you for tripping over a crack in the ground. Security cameras can capture those moments and prove such individuals are trying to cheat the system.

We utilize the latest in professional, quality, high-definition security camera hardware, not some webcam that’s taped to your wall. Our systems can store video for months, not days. We can integrate your security camera system in with your existing alarm system. Our security systems can be remotely viewed while you’re on the go, anywhere. We offer complete, quality, cost-effective security camera systems.