Ten Billion

Salesforce announced the partial attainment of one of its long-range goals in its second-quarter earnings announcement last week: It eclipsed its goal of a $10 billion run rate. This will be followed by similar announcements over the next year — first $10 billion year, etc. — and why not? The company should celebrate. Second quarter revenue hit $2.56 billion, a 26 percent increase year over year. Despite all the fanfare, anyone watching the evolution of the company and the market should not be surprised.

The original article can be found here: http://www.ecommercetimes.com/story/84773.html?rss=1

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Samsung Electronics revenue slides 8.4% after mismanaged Galaxy S6 launch

Samsung Electronics on Tuesday released its second-quarter earnings estimates, calling for significant drops in revenue and profits based on what one report claimed was a gross miscalculation of demand for the Galaxy S6 versus the S6 Edge.

The original article can be found here: http://appleinsider.com.feedsportal.com/c/33975/f/616168/s/47e8620f/sc/15/l/0Lappleinsider0N0Carticles0C150C0A70C0A70Csamsung0Eelectronics0Erevenue0Eslides0E840Eafter0Emismanaged0Egalaxy0Es60Elaunch/story01.htm

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Undeterred by Tim Cook's browbeating, supply chain 'guesstimators' soldier on with Apple Watch appraisal

Apple CEO Tim Cook took supply chain “guesstimators” to task on the company’s second-quarter earnings call earlier this week, but that did not stop one firm from moving ahead with its own analysis of Apple’s new wearable device.

The original article can be found here: http://appleinsider.com.feedsportal.com/c/33975/f/616168/s/45e53580/sc/28/l/0Lappleinsider0N0Carticles0C150C0A40C30A0Cundeterred0Eby0Etim0Ecooks0Ebrowbeating0Esupply0Echain0Eguesstimators0Esoldier0Eon0Ewith0Eapple0Ewatch0Eappraisal/story01.htm

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Netflix's 2nd-quarter earnings more than double as video service hits 50 million subscribers

Netflix’s second-quarter earnings more than doubled as new episodes from one of its hit series helped the Internet video service surpass 50 million worldwide subscribers for the first time.

The original article can be found here: http://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/2014/07/21/netflix-2nd-quarter-earnings-more-than-double-as-video-service-hits-50-million/

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Wall Street impressed by Apple's surprise second quarter, analysts see stock headed to new highs

Apple’s second-quarter earnings report was packed with surprises that delighted investors on Wall Street, prompting some analysts to respond by raising their price targets for the iPhone maker’s stock.

The original article can be found here: http://appleinsider.com.feedsportal.com/c/33975/f/616168/s/39b54c3d/sc/2/l/0Lappleinsider0N0Carticles0C140C0A40C240Cwall0Estreet0Eimpressed0Eby0Eapples0Esurprise0Esecond0Equarter0Eanalysts0Esee0Estock0Eheaded0Eto0Enew0Ehighs/story01.htm

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