Everybody Loves Salesforce

Rumors about Salesforce.com being courted by Microsoft, Oracle and, possibly, Amazon.com have been swirling about Wall Street and Silicon Valley for about a week. However, it’s not clear how much substance there is to the speculation. The buzz began with a report last Wednesday, and analysts ran with it. Oracle stirred the pot Thursday when co-CEO Safra Catz demurred in response to a question about her company’s interest but remarked that an acquisition of Salesforce.com would disrupt the software market.

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Salesforce.com Unleashes Cloud Analytics Tidal Wave

Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff last month tweeted about the tentative agenda for this week’s Dreamforce and caused a tizzy by revealing a keynote session entitled “Analytics Cloud.” Although the company immediately denied that it was planning to unveil such a thing or that Benioff intentionally spilled the beans about the new offering, Salesforce.com did indeed launch its analytics cloud, called “Wave,” when Dreamforce kicked off on Monday. This launch represents a milestone moment for the cloud marketplace.

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Salesforce Issues Dyre Warning

Salesforce.com this week notified its customers that the Dyre malware, which typically targets customers of large financial institutions, might have been tweaked to target some Salesforce users as well. There was no evidence that any Salesforce customers had been impacted, the company said, but if any customer should be affected, it would provide guidance. Salesforce emphasized the malware was not exploiting any vulnerability within its system. Dyre resides on infected computer systems and steals user log-in credentials.

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Sales Reach: A Marketing Tool for Reps

I was impressed by the announcement by Salesforce.com last week of a new product combination it calls “Sales Reach.” It’s supposed to be a mashup of sorts between Sales Cloud, Pardot and Communities functionality that helps reps run micro-campaigns, perform nurturing and develop communities. As someone who once carried a bag for a living, my reaction was, “Oh happy day!” While marketing automation has taken the industry by storm over the last couple of years, I don’t know any business that generates all of the leads a sales person needs.

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What Salesforce Has Up Its Sleeve

Wearable computing hove into view in a big way this week when Salesforce.com announced Salesforce Wear, which enables developers to build new apps for teeny-tiny screens and devices that you, well, wear. Wearables is a market poised for takeoff. Last year, for instance, Apple cornered the world markets capturing all the copyrights to “iWatch,” which I think was not a coincidence. Also, let’s not forget the things that are not worn but that simply exist through sensors on the Internet of Things. What does wearables as a class of devices mean?

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Salesforce Tries On Wearable Tech for Size

Salesforce.com is moving aggressively to carve out its own place in a hot emerging technology niche: wearable computing. With its new initiative, Salesforce Wear, it appears to be following its usual MO of co-opting technology in the consumer world and repositioning it for the enterprise. However, unlike social networking, which Salesforce.com adapted for its user base with marvelous effect — wearable technology is an iffy proposition among consumers. Still, its Wear initiative fits well with Salesforce.com’s Internet of the Customer concept.

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Salesforce, MS Deal Could Put Mobile CRM on Steroids

Now “anyone can run their business from their phone,” Salesforce.com recently promised when it announced its Salesforce1 Mobile App. Many company announcements tend to overpromise, and Salesforce has a tendency to be particularly exuberant, so I took it with the customary grain of salt. My skepticism vanished on Thursday, when Salesforce and Microsoft announced a global strategic partnership to connect Salesforce.com’s CRM apps and platforms with Microsoft Office and Windows.

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