'Peculiar' signals emerge from nearby star and scientists are baffled by what it could be

Scientists in Puerto Rico at the Arecibo Observatory have uncovered “some very peculiar” radio signals from a nearby star just 11-light years away from Earth.

The original article can be found here: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/07/18/peculiar-signals-emerge-from-nearby-star-and-scientists-are-baffled-by-what-it-could-be.html

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NASA images reveal impact winter storms have had on drought-ravaged California

Satellite photographs from the NASA Earth Observatory show the drastic change this winter’s almost-ceaseless rain and snow have had on the California landscape from 2014 – when the state was suffering through a devastating drought.

The original article can be found here: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/03/08/nasa-images-reveal-impact-winter-storms-have-had-on-drought-ravaged-california.html

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Apple's iPad is key to visitor experience at new One World Trade Center Observatory

The newly opened One World Trade Center Observatory in New York City relies heavily on the iPad for its visitor experience, with Apple’s tablet serving as both a virtual tour guide and a payment terminal.

The original article can be found here: http://appleinsider.com.feedsportal.com/c/33975/f/616168/s/497ab6ed/sc/28/l/0Lappleinsider0N0Carticles0C150C0A90C0A10Capples0Eipad0Eis0Ekey0Eto0Evisitor0Eexperience0Eat0Enew0Eone0Eworld0Etrade0Ecenter0Eobservatory/story01.htm

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