Facebook could get access to all your juicy WhatsApp information from this summer

YOUR WhatsApp is about to get a lot less private.Facebook, which bought WhatsApp in 2014, is in negotiations with the European regulator to get its hands on the chat app’s juicy data.

The original article can be found here: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/04/14/facebook-could-get-access-to-all-your-juicy-whatsapp-information-from-this-summer.html

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Apple May Enter P2P Mobile Payments Fray

Apple is in negotiations with several major banks to launch a peer-to-peer mobile payment system that would compete against rival digital payment companies, including PayPal and Square, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. Apple is working on a plan that would allow consumers to transfer funds directly from their checking accounts to other people. It would be similar to the PayPal transfer system operated through Venmo. “It would also be a nice extension to Apple Pay,” said Kevin Krewell, principal analyst at Tirias Research.

The original article can be found here: http://www.ecommercetimes.com/story/82738.html?rss=1

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UK's Barclays in 'constructive' talks to add Apple Pay support

Responding to a flurry of public complaints, U.K. bank Barclays said on Twitter that it is in negotiations to add Apple Pay support, and that efforts “remain constructive.”

The original article can be found here: http://appleinsider.com.feedsportal.com/c/33975/f/616168/s/4714c58f/sc/28/l/0Lappleinsider0N0Carticles0C150C0A60C0A90Cuks0Ebarclays0Ein0Econstructive0Etalks0Eto0Eadd0Eapple0Epay0Esupport/story01.htm

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Chinese Apple Pay launch in limbo as iOS 8.3 fails to deliver expected UnionPay support

Negotiations between Apple and China’s state-owned credit and debit card processor UnionPay to launch Apple Pay services have hit a wall, according to a report on Monday, suggesting iPhone 6 owners in the region may not be able to use Apple’s mobile payments service anytime soon.

The original article can be found here: http://appleinsider.com.feedsportal.com/c/33975/f/616168/s/455dcac4/sc/28/l/0Lappleinsider0N0Carticles0C150C0A40C130Cchinese0Eapple0Epay0Elaunch0Ein0Elimbo0Eas0Eios0E830Efails0Eto0Edeliver0Eexpected0Eunionpay0Esupport/story01.htm

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BMW says talks with Apple are not connected to producing a new car

Recent negotiations between Apple and BMW weren’t connected to developing a car, a BMW spokesman has said, citing discussions between the two parties as part of “regular talks.”

The original article can be found here: http://appleinsider.com.feedsportal.com/c/33975/f/616168/s/44123e2c/sc/5/l/0Lappleinsider0N0Carticles0C150C0A30C0A50Cbmw0Edenies0Etalks0Ewith0Eapple0Econnected0Eto0Eproducing0Ea0Enew0Ecar/story01.htm

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Apple in talks to become launch partner for cable-free HBO Now service

Apple is in negotiations to make the Apple TV a launch destination for HBO’s standalone streaming service reportedly called “HBO Now,” which could launch in time for the fifth season of Game of Thrones premiering April 12, according to a new report.

The original article can be found here: http://appleinsider.com.feedsportal.com/c/33975/f/616168/s/440ac42d/sc/15/l/0Lappleinsider0N0Carticles0C150C0A30C0A40Capple0Ein0Etalks0Eto0Ebecome0Elaunch0Epartner0Efor0Ecable0Efree0Ehbo0Enow0Eservice/story01.htm

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Amazon halts preorders of Warner Bros. Blu-rays & DVDs in latest contract dispute

Amazon has continued to refuse sales of certain products in its efforts to gain leverage in negotiations with content providers, this time blocking preorders of physical copies of popular upcoming releases from Warner Home Video, including blockbuster hits “The Lego Movie” and “300: Rise of an Empire.”

The original article can be found here: http://appleinsider.com.feedsportal.com/c/33975/f/616168/s/3b6436e3/sc/30/l/0Lappleinsider0N0Carticles0C140C0A60C110Camazon0Ehalts0Epreorders0Eof0Ewarner0Ebros0Eblu0Erays0Edvds0Ein0Elatest0Econtract0Edispute/story01.htm

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