Heartbreaking video of starving polar bear stirs controversy among conservationists

A video of a starving polar bear recently went viral, tugging at viewers’ heartstrings as the emaciated creature makes its way across an iceless wasteland. Some experts, however, say that the video, which has been seen by millions of people, may not be all that it seems.

The original article can be found here: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/12/13/heartbreaking-video-starving-polar-bear-stirs-controversy-among-conservationists.html

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Meet Boaty McBoatface – the drone submarine

The “Boaty McBoatface” saga has finally been resolved – a remote-controlled sub will now bear the controversial name, which recently topped an online poll to name the U.K.’s newest polar research vessel.

The original article can be found here: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2016/05/06/meet-boaty-mcboatface-drone-submarine.html

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