20TB Hard Drives Will be Made of Glass

Hard drive capacities could grow to 20TB by 2020, though hitting these drive sizes will require a rethink of the platter technology used in today’s 3.5-inch drives.

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Samsung plans to slash SSD prices to hard drive levels by 2020

Samsung wants to slash SSD prices by 2020, with a 512GB drive matching the price of a 1TB HDD today. Samsung will need to cut prices by nearly 70% if it wants to pull that off.

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Marketers Poised to Run the Customer Experience Show, Survey Says

Marketing will shape the customer experience by 2020, based on a recent Marketo study of nearly 500 chief marketing officers and senior marketing executives worldwide. The Economist Intelligence Unit conducted the research on behalf of Marketo. Eighty-percent of the respondents believed their departments would exercise significant influence over business strategy by 2020, and 78 percent expected to have the same influence over corporate technology decisions. The survey results suggest a number of changes are on the horizon.

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Apple's 'Project Titan' car faces manufacturing roadblocks, could necessitate partnership

With an internal goal of 2020 to begin building its own car, Apple faces a number of roadblocks in automotive manufacturing, which could lead it to partnering with another company in its vehicular venture, a source has indicated to AppleInsider.

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