Residential Surveillance Solutions

Home security and home surveillance camera systems from proVanceTek ensure that your family and property are always safe. Purchase a single home security camera or choose expandable, multi-camera kits. All of our camera systems include high-end, commercial, name-brand equipment; the ability to monitor live video over the internet from any web-connected device; outdoor-rated, infrared night vision, high-definition cameras; and can record weeks of video. Whatever you’re looking to protect, proVanceTek offers the best selection of home surveillance systems.


Compare various security camera systems:

Ours Ring Nest Arlo Canary Logitech
Cost of Cloud Subscription: None (Stored Locally) $100/yr $100 & Up $0-$149/yr $0-$100/yr $0-$100/yr (Per Camera)
Cost of Installation: $250-$500 DIY DIY DIY DIY DIY
Cost of 4 Camera System: $800 $800 $800 $800 $800 $800
Number of Supported Add-On Cameras: 12 ($100/ea) Unlimited ($200/ea) Unlimited ($200/ea) 11 ($200/ea) 1 ($200) Unlimited ($200/ea)
Days of Recording Stored: >14 Days (Expandable) 60 Days 10-30 Days 7-60 Days 30 Days 24hrs – 31 Days
Continues recording if Internet Drops: Yes (Stored Locally) No No No No No
Notifications of Motion Events: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Camera Night Vision: Yes (Color Available) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Camera Resolution: 2k (Twice 1080p, 4K Available) 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p 1080p
Wired or Wireless Data: Wired (More Reliable & Secure) Wifi Wifi Wifi Wifi Wifi
Painted to Match Your Home: Yes No No No No No


What’s NOT included with our installations:

  • High-pressure alarm company sales pitches.
  • Any equipment leasing, because all of your equipment is yours.
  • Any subscription fees, because all your video is stored locally on the DVR in your house.


We use nothing but the best from these very well-known, reputable manufacturers:

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