Security Surveillance System Design / Installation

Residential Home Surveillance

Home security and home surveillance camera systems from proVanceTek ensure that your family and property are always safe. Purchase a single home security camera or choose expandable, multi-camera kits. All of our camera systems include high-end, commercial, name-brand equipment; the ability to monitor live video over the internet from any web-connected device; outdoor-rated, infrared night vision, high-definition cameras; and can record weeks of video. Whatever you’re looking to protect, proVanceTek offers the best selection of home surveillance systems. Find out more about our Residential Surveillance Systems!

Commercial Business Surveillance

When observation is a primary concern, closed circuit television allows staff to monitor activity throughout your business from a single location. The most widely used application of cameras is to monitor your business premises for theft and other forms of criminal activity. However, additionally, exterior cameras can monitor the parking lot and the outside areas providing evidence for accident claims. Some of the interior cameras can be positioned on the cash registers to keep an eye on employee performance or root out suspected employee fraud. In some cases, the installation of a security camera system can even reduce your insurance premiums. Whatever your needs, proVanceTek can offer the right solution to help protect your business, employees, and customers.

Recent Security Surveillance News:

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