Just a Brief Update

All client business websites should be back up and running. Many were back up within an hour or two, but several took additional time to restore. There are a few personal web pages that still need to be addressed, but all client business websites should be fully operation at this time. Please visit your website and review the pages within to ensure that everything is as it should be. Backup files of your website were restored and you need to verify that those files were backed up properly. Please confirm for yourself and reply with any issues you may discover.

While viruses and hacking aren’t fully preventable, many precautions are taken to ensure that your data is secure and web services remain dependable, Since the implementation of this particular server configuration in 2008, hundreds of thousands of attempts have been made to penetrate server security measures. While this situation is unfortunate, we hope you’ll put into perspective that for the past six years, none of those many prior attempts had been successful. Furthermore, this breach was ultimately not a result of poor server security, but because one user had a weak password that was compromised. Please, heed this warning and help out but ensuring that you use strong passwords and change them every few months.

The user account in question has been addressed, however, please report any future suspicious activity on your website so that further issues can be addressed immediately. Once again, this situation did not affect any data that was stored within the database or email server. Furthermore, you should have no concern about the security of your personal computer in context to the situation with our web server. This breach of security would only have cosmetically affected a handful of client websites.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to send and email or call.

Thank you again for your patience, understanding, and continued business.

Sincerely, Robert

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