Plain City Auction, 6 Years of Partnership

Plain City Auction WebsiteproVanceTek Owner, Robert Vance, has been working with the owners, Dave and Rhoda Helmuth, of Plain City Auction since 2005. His relationship with the owners of the auction house began while he was attending Ohio University and beginning a business with a former high school friend of his. He continued providing support for their website and other various projects at the auction house, along with various support needs at the Helmuth household. When he left the business in 2008 to create proVanceTek, Plain City Auction decided to bring their business to the Robert’s new company.

Recently, after a much deserved retirement of Dave and Rhoda, ownership of the auction house has been transferred to John and Maureen Coffey. proVanceTek, however, continues to host the Plain City Auction website and provide them with general IT support for their computers, servers, and network; support of their security system; and other various technical projects that they need help with.

The website was initially developed with some custom scripts that took Word documents provided by Plain City Auction and generated HTML pages for their website. It was later ported over to the Drupal content management system and has continued to run in that installation for the past half-dozen years. We hope to soon be able to share with you that there will be a new online face of the auction house. We’re working with John and Maureen on developing a more modern and interactive auction website. Stay tuned!

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