About proVanceTek

We’re a Columbus, Ohio based company that also has customers located throughout the Mid-West. We primarily provide web design and hosting services to our clients. We have made it our focus to provide the utmost excellence in customer service.

Our company, proVanceTek, offers a wide variety of media and technology related services, including the following:

Robert Vance

Robert Nelson Vance, proVanceTek OwnerAs owner of the company, Robert stays busy with business management tasks, marketing programs, and he even does development. Robert is proficient in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL for web development projects. He’s experienced in various content management systems, but is a Drupal poster boy. Regarding structured media, Robert is experienced with most mainstream audio and video hardware and software and has personally installed some awesome home and small business solutions. He’s also represented proVanceTek on a number of theatrical related projects. Robert just has talent in many different areas.

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