iPhone SE event spurs traffic spikes to Apple's websites in China, India

Article Image Although the announcement of the iPhone SE — and 9.7-inch iPad Pro — triggered a relatively modest increase in global traffic to Apple’s website on March 21, the same day saw significant surges in China and India, according to research figures published on Wednesday.

The original article can be found here: http://appleinsider.com.feedsportal.com/c/33975/f/616168/s/4e9b562b/sc/28/l/0Lappleinsider0N0Carticles0C160C0A30C30A0Ciphone0Ese0Eevent0Espurs0Etraffic0Espikes0Eto0Eapples0Ewebsites0Ein0Echina0Eindia/story01.htm

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Deals: iPad Pros in stock, $150-$170 off iMac 5Ks, $150-$350 off 2015 MacBook Pros, 50% off water-proof iPhone 6 case

Article Image All silver and gold iPad Pros are shipping out next day at modest discounts. Plus the lowest prices ever on key 2015 MacBook Pros ($150-$350 off instantly), $150 -$170 off Apple’s new 2015 iMac 5Ks (or Free AppleCare and cash discounts), half off water-proof iPhone 6 cases and more.

The original article can be found here: http://appleinsider.com.feedsportal.com/c/33975/f/616168/s/4b6c9001/sc/28/l/0Lappleinsider0N0Carticles0C150C110C110Cdeals0Eipad0Epros0Ein0Estock0E150A0E170A0Eoff0Eimac0E5ks0E150A0E350A0Eoff0Emacbook0Epros0E50A0Eoff0Ewater0Eproof0Eiphone0E60Ecase/story01.htm

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Apple paces field in PC consumer satisfaction for 11th consecutive year

Despite booking a modest 3 percent year-over-year decline, Apple has once again claimed the top spot in the most recent American Customer Satisfaction Index rankings of personal computer manufacturers.

The original article can be found here: http://appleinsider.com.feedsportal.com/c/33975/f/616168/s/3ebf36da/sc/1/l/0Lappleinsider0N0Carticles0C140C0A90C230Capple0Epaces0Efield0Ein0Epc0Econsumer0Esatisfaction0Efor0E11th0Econsecutive0Eyear/story01.htm

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