Disney Research’s 3D-printed speakers will soon make toys and games much more noisy and interactive

Disney Research 3D printed speakers
Disney Research, in its never-ending quest to make our menial existences more magical, can now produce 3D printed speakers of any shape. We’re not just talking about a toy with a built-in speaker here — the entire object is a speaker. Curiously, the speakers can also go into the inaudible ultrasonic range, which could be used to track the objects as part of a larger interactive system or game. The fact that the speakers can be any shape allows for some interesting effects, too: You could make a rubber ducky that emits a directional quack from just its mouth, or perhaps a large monster that emits an angry, omnidirectional growl from all over its body.

The original article can be found here: http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/181558-disney-researchs-3d-printed-speakers-will-soon-make-toys-and-games-much-more-noisy-and-interactive

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