Driving Digital Transformation by Making Citizen Developers Heroes

Corporate executives know that if they don’t transform their companies into digital enterprises they are going to be at a significant competitive disadvantage. Yet many corporate leaders have been unable to make significant progress transforming their organizations. Many executives have found that changing their corporate cultures is a lot harder than adopting cloud-based applications and services. No company has done more to advocate for this digital transformation process than Salesforce.

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CCleaner Infection More Severe Than Thought, Targeted Microsoft, Google, Samsung


The CCleaner attack is worse than originally thought, and multiple major companies may have been infected.

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Account-Based Marketing Inspires New Software, Strategies

InsideView last week released InsideView Target with ABM, a tool for business-to-business companies that have implemented account-based marketing. It is a fully redesigned version of InsideView Target, with the addition of ABM workflows and other enhancements. “Companies who want to [succeed] with ABM need to start with the right set of target accounts and people,” said Joe Andrews, VP of product and solution marketing at the company. “Otherwise, the best campaign tactics in the world won’t be effective.”

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New Checklist Guides B2B Marketing Automation Platform Purchases

Four Quadrant this week released its Marketing Automation Buyer’s Checklist for companies seeking to purchase a B2B marketing automation platform, or MAP. The checklist has eight major categories for evaluation and more than 35 subcategories. It lists more than 100 questions buyers should ask to make an informed assessment of MAP vendors’ offerings. The checklist covers expected business outcomes from MAPs, who and what the MAP should support, the integration capabilities the MAP should have, and what APIs the MAP should offer out of the box.

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Zyme CCO Ted Dimbero: Connecting the Channel Data Dots

“Channel data management is about providing high-tech companies with all the data and information they need to effectively manage their distribution channels, sales and marketing,” said Zyme CCO Ted Dimbero. “Traditionally, companies have relied on managing the channel fairly blindly. They may get monthly data, but a lot of the data is incomplete or too late to make important decisions, like what promotions they want to run.” CDM starts with data collection, Dimbero said — in some cases from two or three thousand partners around the world.

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Consumers Gain More Power to Seek Data Breach Damages

There are no good outcomes of an electronic data system breach. At best, companies dealing with e-commerce technologies face the formidable task and the resulting cost of repairs. In addition having to fix information technology systems, companies suffering breaches may be increasingly vulnerable to legal action taken by customers whose personal data was affected. A federal appeals court decision handed down earlier this month underscores the potential legal leverage available to consumers whose electronic records are hacked.

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These are the four criteria for getting a job at Google

Google is one of the most recognizable companies in the world and as a juggernaut of the tech industry is shaping our lives on an unprecedented scale.

The original article can be found here: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/08/09/these-are-four-criteria-for-getting-job-at-google.html

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New Service Promises Help Winning Government Contracts

Onvia on Tuesday launched a new service for companies selling to the public sector. The service provides access to detailed materials associated with a given solicitation, including all submitted proposals, the awarded bid, the final contract, and the agency’s scoring criteria. Onvia “helps clients succeed in pursuing government contracts,” said Ben Vaught, director of Onvia for Government. “We equip them with data and tools that cover the processes of searching and screening leads, then qualifying and pursuing opportunities.”

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Major Tech Firms Pressure FCC to Stay the Net Neutrality Course

The Internet Association, which represents 40 of the United States’ leading technology companies — including Facebook, Google, Amazon and others — on Monday filed comments with the Federal Communications Commission, urging it to maintain Net neutrality regulations enacted during the Obama administration. The rules have created a level playing field that has helped fuel innovation in the broadband Internet space, according to IA, and any attempt to unravel them could have a disruptive impact on the industry.

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Robotic police are about to start patrolling in Dubai

With the immense wealth of the region, Dubai has quickly become one of the hottest places for companies to test out their newest, wildest future tech.

The original article can be found here: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/07/03/robotic-police-are-about-to-start-patrolling-in-dubai.html

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Petya Ransomware Sinks Global Businesses Into Chaos

A new ransomware exploit dubbed “Petya” struck major companies and infrastructure sites this week, following last month’s WannaCry ransomware attack, which wreaked havoc on more than 300,000 computers across the globe. Petya is believed to be linked to the same set of hacking tools as WannaCry. Petya already has taken thousands of computers hostage, impacting companies and installations ranging from Ukraine to the U.S. to India. It has impacted a Ukrainian international airport, and multinational shipping, legal and advertising firms.

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Swiftpage CEO John Oechsle: Better Interactions Lead to More Transactions

“There are groups within companies that don’t want to interact with a full-blown CRM application,” said John Oechsle, president and CEO of Swiftpage. “They want it running in the background, but they want to access it based on the functions they want it to perform. These small purpose-built apps are going to continue to evolve. Also, people want to interact with software using voice interpretation and voice interaction. They don’t want to sit there and type. If I’m in my car or on a train or walking, I can interact with my software via voice.”

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Thunderbolt Goes Royalty-Free as Intel Repositions It to Boost Adoption

Intel’s future Thunderbolt standard will be royalty-free and open to other companies should they wish to design their own controllers. That’s a major change from how Intel has deployed the technology over the last few years.

The post Thunderbolt Goes Royalty-Free as Intel Repositions It to Boost Adoption appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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What Is Mixed Reality, and Can It Take Augmented Reality Mainstream?

Microsoft's Mars demo is one of the most compelling MR demos

In a quest to stand out from the crowded field of VR and AR vendors, many companies are hyping what they call Mixed Reality, a mashup of the best of both. We take a look at how they are doing and where they need to go from here.

The post What Is Mixed Reality, and Can It Take Augmented Reality Mainstream? appeared first on ExtremeTech.

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The iPhone of cars? Apple enters self-driving car race

Apple will be vying against 29 other companies that already have California permits to test self-driving cars. The list includes major automakers, including Ford, General Motors, BMW, Volkswagen and Tesla, as well as one of its biggest rivals in technology, Google, whose testing of self-driving cars has been spun off into an affiliate called Waymo.

The original article can be found here: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/04/14/iphone-cars-apple-enters-self-driving-car-race.html

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Symantec links trojans, malware to CIA hacking tools

A series of computer viruses targeting companies and organizations closely resembles the Vault 7 hacking tools that WikiLeaks disclosed.

The original article can be found here: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2017/04/11/symantec-links-trojans-malware-to-cia-hacking-tools.html

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