About proVanceTek

We’re a Columbus, Ohio based company that also has customers located throughout the Mid-West. We primarily provide web design and hosting services to our clients. We have made it our focus to provide the utmost excellence in customer service.

Our company, proVanceTek, offers a wide variety of media and technology related services, including the following:

Robert Vance

Robert Nelson Vance, proVanceTek OwnerAs owner of the company, Robert stays busy with business management tasks, marketing programs, and he even does development. Robert is proficient in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and MySQL for web development projects. He’s experienced in various content management systems, but is a Drupal poster boy. Regarding structured media, Robert is experienced with most mainstream audio and video hardware and software and has personally installed some awesome home and small business solutions. He’s also represented proVanceTek on a number of theatrical related projects. Robert just has talent in many different areas.

Kaela Vance

Kaela Rae Vance, Administrative Assistant & TechnicianKaela has been working with proVanceTek as an assistant since conception. Kaela is familiar with the Drupal Content Management System and is available to assist in configuring client’s websites when the developers are busy coding. She also has a technical theatre and scenic painting background and is an amazing followspot operator.

Tom Ioia

Tom Ioia, TechnicianTom has worked with Robert Vance, proVanceTek founder, on various projects since before proVanceTek was even conceived. Tom is an experienced theatrical technician that has been working in the theatre industry since 2003. Projects with proVanceTek have included theatrical audio and lighting engineering, internal and client marketing, web user interface design and website beta testing, and more. Knowing proVanceTek’s strong tend towards web development projects, Tom is working on expanding his knowledge in the Drupal Content Management System. He’s really is a jack of all trades.

Stephen Kemp

Stephen Kemp, TechnicianStephen is experienced in both Windows, Apple, and Linux system administration; he provides technical support for internal and client equipment. Stephen’s been working with the Drupal Content Management System and designing websites using PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He’s currently mastering C/C++ and Java. He’s also working on becoming an expert in server administration. Stephen has also provided theatrical technical support for a number of proVanceTek projects to include audio and video engineering.


“Customer-Focused Business”

“proVanceTek is one of the most customer-focused businesses I have yet to work with. They make sure that a client’s needs aren’t just met at time of delivery, but throughout the entire process. I am very pleased with their work and their attention to detail.” Jonathan Thomas

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“Professional, Punctual, Attentive To Detail”

“Robert puts his employees, colleagues, and clients ahead of himself. He’s professional, punctual, attentive to detail, and sticks to a project until it is complete.” Stephen Kemp

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“Extremely Knowledgeable”

“He is always willing to lend a hand and is extremely knowledgeable in finding solutions for various technical challenges.” Victoria Sutton

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“Always Surpasses Expectations”

“Robert is a detail oriented person who always surpasses expectations. He works well under any time frame or budget with a great deal of help from his ingenuity. I look forward to the next time I have the opportunity to work with him.” Andy Hammond

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“Robert Knows What’s Up”

“Robert knows what’s up. And if he doesn’t, he’ll find out quickly to get stuff done.” Max Reeder

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“They’ve Always Been There To Help Me Out”

“Sometimes it can be hard to find a dependable company that you know you can count on to be there when you unexpectedly need them. proVanceTek has been that company to me. Even though they’re primarily my web designers, whenever I have had a computer meltdown, they’ve always been there to help me out. I […]

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